Something About Lamtain

Custom-Made Designer Lamps

We are a team of passionate crafters with over three decades of crafting experience. Envisioned by our founder Mr. Saifudhin M., an ardent lighting designer, Lamtain Lamps has now grown to one of the leading manufacturers in Kerala in its category - Custom Made Designer Lamps.

Working with leading Architects and Designers ever since, Lamtain Lamps has had quite a journey. A journey of lighting, design, art and customisation. With your valuable inputs in the design process, realisation of the concept will definitely put a smile on you. We have successfully completed 2500+ customised projects and much more thousands of smiling customers.

Innovation, design and art are the key principles at Lamtain with an unending obsession for details and quality. When it comes to decorative lighting, Lamtain excels. Come to us, share your ideas, we can light it up for you!

Thameel Saifudheen

CEO - Lamtain Lamps

Custom-Made Designer Lamps

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