We are a team of
passionate crafters with over three
decades of crafting experience.

Envisioned by our founder Mr. Saifudhin M., an ardent lighting designer, Lamtain Lamps has now grown to one of the leading manufacturers in Kerala in its category - Custom Made Designer Lamps.

wall deco installation

Wall Deco Installation

A Completely customisable wall lighting instalaltion in brass.

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timless lights


Timeless lighting designs perfected for timeless architectural designs.

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moroccan opulence

Moroccan Opulence

Arabic lamps inspired from the great moroccan designs

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mughal motif

Mughal motif

Inspired from the great mughal architecture and arabesque.

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quite a bunch

Quite a Bunch

Cluster lights exclusively customisable according to your tastes and interior design.

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silhouette series

Silhouette Series

The beauty of the lights comes from the shadows. "Silhouette" is a collection of lamps designed and perfected for the interplay of light and shadow when it.

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traditional grandeur

Traditional Grandeur

Antique collections with all its grandeur. Be it chandelier, wall lamps, hanging, lamtain lamps has a plateful to offer.

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the jali grace

The Jali Grace

With inhouse brass sand casting, The jali grace are extremely customizable lightings using the traditional element.

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eco deco


A fresh series incorporating the idea of sustainability through eco-friendly materials.

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modern country

Modern Country

Stepping away from a purely traditional country design style, modern country allows for more playful and nuanced aspects along with minimal notes.

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elgant hangings

Elegant Hangings

Quite a few elegant hangings from our collection.

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elegant wall lamps

Elegant Wall lamps

To showcase a few of our elegant wall lamps from our wide collection.

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